1020 Alfamix Goat 15kg

1020 Alfamix Goat 15kg

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Additional muesli with vitamins and minerals for (dwarf)goats. Also suitable as supplementary feed for deer, chamois and ibex.

Feeding advice for (dwarf) goats
• The guidelines listed below for 1020 alfamix goat also applies to 5085 dwarf goats pellet and 5083 goat pellet
• Don’t give goats any feed for sheep: goats have other nutritional needs concerning vitamins and copper
• Pregnant (dwarf)goats need more feed at the end of gestation
• Kids definitely need colostrum milk. Let them suckle the mother at least 8 weeks
• After about 14 days let the kids eat along with 1020 alfamix goat and hay. In that way, their ruman/stomach develops correctly early on
• From 8 weeks on, feed kids daily about 1.5 per cent of their bodyweight with 1020 alfamix goat
• Make sure there are enough feeding spots. Goats have a strong hierarchy, and otherwise, the lowest on the ladder could get too little and therefore lose in weight
• Make sure that the goats have a continuous supply of roughage in the form of hay or grass and straw
• Give little or no maize. Maize is rich in energy, which could make the goats too fat
• Don’t give any extra minerals or vitamins, 1020 alfamix goat is just right
• Make sure there’s always enough fresh drinking water
• The nutritional guidelines below are only an indication. The amount of feed is partly dependent on the condition of the animals Daily recommended amount of 1020 alfamix goat summer when less than 5º C and/or low roughage supply end of gestation and lactation dwarf goat (8-10kg) 80 gram 170 gram 220-gram goat (18–25kg) 150 gram 300 gram 400 gram

barley flakes, wheat flakes, maize flakes, soya dehulled extracted toasted, maize gluten feed, maize mash, cane molasses, barley, rapeseed extracted, palm kernel meal, linseed expeller, soja oil, beet pulp, lecithin, St. Johnsbread, shell grit, limestones, organic acids

Analytical constituents/kg:
crude protein 15.0%, crude fat 5.1%, crude fiber 4.7%, crude ash 6.7%, calcium 9.67g, phosphorus 6.3g, sodium 2.64g

Addition/kg Vitamins:
3a672a Vitamin(e) A 11765 IE, 3a671 Vitamin(e) D3 1334 IE, 3a300 Vitamin(e) C 17 mg, 3a700 Vitamin(e) E 150 mg

Addition/kg Traces:
copper (3b413 Cu-chelate of glycine hydrate) 19 mg, zinc (3b607 Zn-chelate of glycine hydrate) 98 mg, zinc (3b603 Zn-oxide) 3 mg, manganese (3b506 Mn-chelate of glycine hydrate) 96 mg, manganese (3b502 Mn(II)-oxide) 1 mg, iron (3b108 Fe-chelate of glycine hydrate) 38 mg, iron (3b103 Fe-sulphate, monohydrate) 2 mg, iodine (3b202 calcium iodate anhydrous) 1 mg, selenium (3b8.12 Se-organic CNCM 1-3399) 0.17 mg, selenium (E8 sodiium selenite) 0.04 mg