3340 Oyster Shell 2-5mm

3340 Oyster Shell 2-5mm

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Additional calcium-rich grit approximately 3mm of easily digested oyster shells for
maintenance of bones and health.

Feeding advice:
• Egg Food
Seed mixtures alone do not contain enough vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace
elements. Therefore, give all seed-eating birds regularly egg food so that their condition, moulting and breeding results remain good. Garvo egg food is suitable for almost all birds, such as canaries, parakeets, parrots and tropical birds. Parent birds feed it to their young, and moulting birds can also use the extra nutrients.
during the breeding season mix about 30% egg food in with the seed mixture if there are many young, increase the amount up to 50% for the separated young until after they moulted, mix in 30% egg food for example, with the seeds during the moulting season mix in every other day 25% egg food with the seed mixture during the resting period and before shows, mix in every other day 10-15% egg food with the seed mixture the above feeding advice applies to 5300 egg food, 5306 top egg food gropar, and 5308 RUL egg food
• Top Egg Food Gropar
Optionally provide 5306 top egg food gropar in addition to the basic feed of large parakeets and parrots. 5306 top egg food gropar is a nutritious supplement enriched with insects and fruit. Ideal for periods when birds need extra energy, such as the breeding and moulting seasons.
• RUL Egg Feed
5308 RUL egg feed has a ´moist´ texture and stays fresh for a long time. This ensures young birds adapt to it easily. RUL egg feed is also suitable for optional mixing with vegetables, herbs or colourant. This makes it ideal as a supplementary feed (upto 25%) for young birds. This egg feed is also a good supplement during the moulting period for older birds.
 Universal Feed
Insect-eaters, such as red-billed leiothhrixes, superb starlings and bulbuls, need feed
containing insects. For some birds, this is even the basic feed. Garvo’s 5305 universal paté (insectivore) contains, aside from insects, other proteins and fats of plant and animal origins, minerals and vitamins. This universal paté promotes healthy breeding, effortless moulting and an all-round good condition of the birds.
• Garvocyme
9508 garvocyme has proven itself as a valuable supplement with a positive effect on the health of the birds. It is based on baker’s yeast and contains the necessary proteins and vitamins. Hereby it also serves as supplementary feed.
• Grit and Stomach Gravel
Thanks to 4211 stomach gravel birds can more easily digest the nutrients from the seeds. Sharp stomach gravel serves as ‘molars’; it crushes the seeds in the gizzard, helping the digestive juices to work better. Grit is especially important if the birds are being bred. Special types of grit, such as 3347 oyster shell (1mm), 3340 oyster shell (3mm) and 4216 bird grit mixture have the right structure and provide the necessary calcium for building and maintaining bones. To make the care complete, give unlimited amounts of sharp stomach gravel and grit. Birds will consume a limited amount, but only what they need.
• Bird and Shell Sand
The floors of birdcages and aviaries, especially in the night roosts, should be dry and easy to clean. This is important in order for the birds to stay healthy. You can use, for example, 9620 birds and special, or 9624 birds and special with anis, which contains, among other things, oyster and seashells and a pleasant anis odor. Both sorts ensure that the bird dwelling stays hygienic.

variety of washed, dried, heated, broken and sifted seashells

Analytical constituents/kg:
calcium 37.00%, sodium 0.40%, phosphorus 0.04%