3808 Championmixture

3808 Championmixture

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Supplementary mixture for perfect breeding. Because of the high-fat content also usable with 3815 super energy or HE 4000 for the most difficult flights. Follow the feeding schedule of the prestige pigeons feeds (instead of 5581 prestige racing).

Feeding advice:
• Supplement the ‘normal’ pigeon feed, such as the prestige mixtures, with 1/3 part 3864 solution

blue peas, small round corn, French maize, dari white, peas yellow, safflower seed, wheat pigeon, maize gritz, soybeans toasted, dari red, groundnuts peeled lightskin, turnip rape seed, linseeds, vetches, paddy rice, maple peas, lentils, mungbeans, sunflower seed striped small, oats peeled, millet yellow, buckwheat

Analytical constituents/kg:
crude protein 15.7%, crude fat 9.2%, crude fiber 6.4%, crude ash 2.5%