4198 KNZ Lick Stone Wild

4198 KNZ Lick Stone Wild

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KNZ WILD is specially developed for wild game. The special recipe for wild game is developed by thorough lab analyses of liver samples of shot deer. The mineral and trace element deficiencies in the liver samples provided essential information for the ingredients of the KNZ WILD lick. The salt lick contains not only sodium and chloride, but also magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine, selenium, and iron. Besides contributing to the mineral and trace element need, the KNZ lick also attracts animals to the feeding station.

Feeding advice:
• Make sure there’s always enough grass or hay, supplemented by extra fibres in the form of straw
• Supplement daily with 5082 deer- and roe pellet
• Give more feed, or complement the feed with 1020 alfamix goat if it’s cold(er), or if the animals are gestating or lactating
• Make sure there’s always fresh water

salt, magnesium oxide

Analytical constituents/kg:
salt (NaCl) > 98%, sodium 38.8%, magnesium 0.2%

Addition/kg Traces:
zinc 800 mg, copper 2500 mg, iodine 50 mg, selenium 25 mg, iron 700 mg