5010 Mixed Duck Corn

5010 Mixed Duck Corn

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Supplementary corn mixture for all waterfowl.

Feeding advice:
• Feed the pellets preferably on land in a shallow bowl or feeder
• Make sure all the waterfowl can peacefully eat and make several feeding sites if necessary
• Feed preferably twice a day, to prevent the pellets from becoming moist and mouldy
• Make sure all the waterfowl have access to clean water. If necessary, provide drinking bowls, separate from the pond water
• Give year-round 816 waterfowl condition/show pellet as basic feed, and if the density of the plumage demands extra attention

wheat, maize cracked, dari red, millet yellow, millet red, broken peas, mungbeans, organic acids

Analytical constituents/kg:
crude protein 10.8%, crude fat 2.9%, crude fiber 3.9%, crude ash 1.9%