5070 Rodent Rat Chunk

5070 Rodent Rat Chunk

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Complete 12mm chunk, for extra healthy and strong animals, enriched with products which simulate the proteins as ingested by the animals in the wild. Also usable in propagators for young and adult rats which are being bred. As well as for gerbils and hamsters.

Feeding advice:
• Give daily fresh feed, but no more than they can eat
• Supplement of greens is optional, but not necessary
• It’s alright to give regular little bits of animal products, such as chunks of cheese
• Give fresh water daily

soya dehulled extracted toasted, maize gluten feed, barley, maize mash, wheat, maize, beet pulp, cane molasses, linseed fibres, St. John's bread, linseed expeller, lignobond, shell grit, dehydrated alfalfa meal, aniseed, lecithin, organic acids

Analytical constituents/kg:
crude protein 16.5%, crude fat 3%, crude fiber 7.2%, crude ash 8.1%, calcium 14.0g, phosphorus 8.54g, sodium 1.79g

Addition/kg Vitamins:
3a672a Vitamin(e) A 10000 IE, 3a671 Vitamin(e) D3 1000 IE, 3a700 Vitamin(e) E 70 mg

Addition/kg Traces:
copper (3b413 Cu-chelate of glycine hydrate) 18 mg, zinc (3b607 Zn-chelate of glycine hydrate) 75 mg, manganese (3b506 Mn-chelate of glycine hydrate) 27 mg, iron (3b103 Fe-sulphate, monohydrate) 75 mg, cobalt (3b304 coated granules cobalt(II)carbonate) 1 mg, iodine (3b202 calcium iodate anhydrous) 1 mg