826 Fancy Poultry Pride (Partridges, Quails)

826 Fancy Poultry Pride (Partridges, Quails)

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Complete pellet suitable for all species of fancy birds, including show birds and older birds.

Feeding advice:
• Feed all year round 826 fancy poultry pride partridges, quails, ph, or 5036 quailmixture or 5011/5015 pheasant/turkey starter pellet or mash
• Give chicks daily extra animal protein, sometimes in the form of 1075 alfastart chicks
• Make sure there’s always enough grit and stomach gravel
• Give fresh water daily

maize, maize gluten feed, linseed fibres, soya dehulled extracted toasted, beet pulp, dehydrated alfalfa meal, sunflower seed black, cane molasses, shell grit, rice, potato protein, brewer's yeast, organic acids

Analytical constituents/kg:
crude protein 13.0%, crude fat 4.2%, crude fiber 9,0%, crude ash 9.3%, calcium 20.96g, phosphorus 5.32g, sodium 1.79g, lysin 5.81g, methionin 2.33g

Addition/kg Vitamins:
3a672a Vitamin(e) A 10000 IE, 3a671 Vitamin(e) D3 2000 IE, 3a700 Vitamin(e) E 75 mg

Addition/kg Traces:
copper (3b413 Cu-chelate of glycine hydrate) 14 mg, zinc (3b607 Zn-chelate of glycine hydrate) 47 mg, manganese (3b506 Mn-chelate of glycine hydrate) 95 mg, iron (3b103 Fe-sulphate, monohydrate) 68 mg, iodine (3b202 calcium iodate anhydrous) 1 mg, selenium (3b8.12 Se-organic CNCM 1-3399) 0.15 mg