853 Medium size/Fancy Colorpigeons

853 Medium size/Fancy Colorpigeons

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Additional mixture. For medium size breeds, colorpigeons, croppers and similar breeds with red-eye rims

Feeding advice:
• Give as needed 3862 solution 2, 3864 solution or 9508 garvocyme (with exception of the 900-series)
• Give during the breeding season: a handful of 3865 solution junior onto 1 kg feed made moist with some linseed oil; extra calcium/proteins in the form of, for example, 9518 garvocalcium 1x per 2 days (the rest of the year 1x per week); extra 5512 mixed pigeon grit 5
• Give under specific conditions 9521 garvo intestine improver
• Make sure there’s always 5512 mixed pigeon grit 5 (with aniseed) on the loft
• Give fresh water daily

dari red, wheat pigeon, safflower seed, barley pigeon, dari white, dun peas, popcorn, vetches, blue peas, maize gritz, oats peeled, blue peas small, peas yellow, sunflower seed striped small, soybeans toasted

Analytical constituents/kg:
crude protein 14.2%, crude fat 5.9%, crude fiber 6.7%, crude ash 2.2%