AR EarthPro Repti Gold 30 Capsules, AREPG30 - Creepy Critters

Arcadia EarthPro Repti Gold 30 Capsules,

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EarthPro-ReptiGold is a Shot of Supercharged, all natural nutrition which can be mixed in with whole diets or offered as a treat. EarthPro-ReptiGold is the Gold standard for fruit, nectar and omnivorous feeders. It is a UK made, all-natural, real fruit, Honey, Mineral, B Vitamin and Bee Pollen shot of nutrition. EarthPro-ReptiGold has been carefully formulated to replicate the wild feeding habits of those species that seek rich fruits, nectars and honey in the wild. EarthPro-ReptiGold is capsulated for ease of use and can be either mixed with complete diets, added to plant based diets or even given in a little water as lick treat that is bursting with all natural goodness. Suitable for Crested Geckos, Day Geckos and all other omnivores (Inc. exotic birds/ mammals).