Chimaira. Amphibs & Reptiles of LMF of Sth.Vietnam - Creepy Critters

Chimaira. Amphibs & Reptiles of LMF of Sth.Vietnam

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VASSILIEVA, A.B. GALOYAN, E.A. POYARKOV, N. A. GEISSLER, P. A photographic field guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of the lowland monsoon forests of southern Vietnam. Vietnam is famous for its high biodiversity, with almost 700 species of amphibians and reptiles recorded and new species added each year. Species accounts include details on identification, reproduction, ecology and habitat. This book is primarily written for use by those working in biodiversity and conservation, in nature reserves, national parks and elsewhere, inclusing forest rangers, scientists, students, researchers and eco-tourists visiting Vietnam and all others interested in South-East Asian amphibians and reptiles. This photographic guide contains much new, detailed and valuable information of scientific and practical value.