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Chimaira Medical Care of Tortoises

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Francfort 2011, hardcover, 559 pages, more than 700 illustrations, mostly in colour. Co-authors Jiri Zych and Ondrej Hes. English Translation by Donald W. Stremme, V.M.D. With the chapters, Turtle Anatomy and Physiology, Biology and Husbandry of Turtles, Brumation (Hibernation), Protection of Chelonian Species, General Chelonian Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Basic Principles, Clinical Examination, Examination of Organ Systems, Special Investigative Techniques (Laboratory Testing), Turtle Parasites, Selected Viral Disease of Turtles, Electron Microscopy, Pathomorphological Diagnosis, Administering Medications, Anaesthesia and Surgery, Surgery, Special Section - Common Turtle Diseases. Jan Hnzdo is the medical director of two animal hospitals in Prague (Czech Rep.) that specialize in surgery and the treatment of exotic species. A large number of the exotic animal patients are reptiles. Nikola Pantchev from VetMed Lab Ludwigsburg (Germany) is one of the leading parasitologists in Europe for exotic species; this has been demonstrated in numerous publications. This book is the most up-to-date compendium on chelonian diseases, including their diagnosis and treatment. However, the book also focuses on preventive medicine through inclusion of species-specific husbandry information to help prevent common husbandry mistakes, which may cause disease or injury. ISBN 978-3-89973-493-5