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Chimaira Nat.Hist. of Neotrop.Treeboas, Henderson

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Nine species comprise the arboreal boid genusCorallus. Combined, they range from Guatemala in northern Central America to southeastern Brazil in South America, and two species occur on islands in the West Indies. Based on extensive fieldwork by the author extending over 25 years, observations from colleagues, and the literature,Natural History of Neotropical Treeboas (Genus Corallus) summarises, often in great detail, our current knowledge of treeboa habitats, activity, diet, foraging strategies, defensive behaviors, predators, reproduction, population characteristics, and the shared history of humans and treeboas and the impact humans have had on treeboa natural history. In addition to more than 308 photos depicting treeboa color variation, habitats, predation, and mating,Natural History of Neotropical Treeboas (Genus Corallus)also includes maps, numerous graphs, 26 tables, and more than 400 literature references.