ITEC Natural Pest Spray 750ml

ITEC Natural Pest Spray 750ml

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An immediately effective pest spray with long lasting effects against flying and crawling insects for birds.

  • Designed for treating external pests 
  • Can be used in cages, flights, perches etc
  • Use as a preventative during shows and travel
  • Use after 'moulting-season' clean in the corners and cracks of cages and aviaries to kill off mites and insects likely to be living inside 
  • CFC-free spray
  • A VERY- SMALL amount can be used under the wings of pigeons - we do not advise to spray directly on small birds although this is at your discretion 

Active Ingredients: 

 0,3% permethrin, 0,2% tetramethrin, 0,3% permethrine, o,2% tetramethrine and PBO