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Pedro Gold Dog Food (Meaty Chunks) is a complete food which has been made in Ireland from the finest cooked meats and cereals, to provide a balanced diet to all breeds and types of dog, including working and sporting dogs. Pedro Gold is ready for feeding and can be moistened with gravy, stock or warm water, according to your dogs taste. When stored in normal conditions, Pedro Gold will not deteriorate after opening and will keep for long periods of time. Pedro Gold also contains a special odour eliminator, which helps to reduce unpleasant smells such as flatulence.

Pedro Gold Dog Food supports your dog by:

  • Containing added Vitamins A, D and E and minerals, to maintain your dogs health and promote an active life
  • Including added oils, which help to ensure that your dogs coat stays healthy and is shinier
  • Providing a balanced and complete diet for your working or sporting dog

If you are looking to boost the protein content of your dog's meals, Pedro Dried Meat is a fantastic choice, with 60% protein content.