PR Terrascaping Sealing Resin, 1Kg/750ml DPT020 - Creepy Critters

PR Terrascaping Sealing Resin, 1Kg/750ml DPT020

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Creating exciting naturalistic habitats with living plants has never been easier using the step by step products available from Peregrine. First, a structural framework is created using polystyrene or expanding foam. Then this is textured using the Terrascaping Texturing Compound, before being waterproofed using this sealing resin. It can be colored using the Terrascaping Colour Pigment by mixing the pigment into the resin to create the required color and shade. It is then applied to a background, glass, wood, etc. using a brush and can be left as it is, or sand, bark or other textured finishes can be pressed into it while still wet. This water-based resin is used straight from the tin. It is not solvent based and so it doesn't have the offensive smell associated with silicone. Once cured the resin is inert and is safe to use in all environments, including fully aquatic setups.