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Royal canin Mini Light Weight care 3kg D

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Royal Canin Mini Light Weight Care:

  • Balanced kibble for small-breed (1-10kg) adult dogs from 10 months of age prone to weight gain
  • With 15% fewer calories*: for weight loss or maintenance
  • Rich in protein (30%): to keep muscles strong and healthy throughout the weight loss process
  • Low fat content (11%): for the healthiest possible size
  • Full of dietary fibre: to leave your dog feeling fuller for longer
  • Pentasodium triphosphate: this magic ingredient binds calcium in your dog's saliva and helps stop the build up of tartar
  • Added L-carnitine: uses your dog's fat reserves to convert them into energy, as well as helping fat burning
  • Barley: reduces between-meal hunger
  • Borage oil with omega-6: for healthy skin and glossy coat
  • Soya and fish oils with omega-3: to keep your dog active, keep the brain supplied with oxygen and reduce inflammation
  • Green tea extract: with polyphenols to reduce the ageing process in cells and issues with circulation or the heart
  • Well-accepted: thanks to hand-selected nutrients, natural aroma protection and modern technology
  • Ideal for picky eaters: with an innovative kibble structure, shape and size to promote eating