Smoke Bombs - 3 Tablets

Smoke Bombs - 3 Tablets

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Pronafit Pro-Smoke (Smoke bombs). Disinfect the loft and cleaning the nostrils and the bronchial tubes of pigeons. 100% natural product


Pro-Smoke offers a twofold improving effect to the health of pigeons:

- It fights against all kind of parasites like little moths, or gnats, mite, lice etc , by means of a so-called "Smoke-bath".

- it provides a positive effect by cleaning the nostrils and the bronchial tubes and helps to avoid related problems, such as cold, sinusitis, bronchitis and dry and wet mucus.

- Pigeons can easily and safely withstand the "Smoke-bath" treatment in their habitat (lofts) and will regain their natural vitality and fitness, which will noticeable improve their health and performances.

1 Pellet will cover a room of approx. 75 m3.


- 100% Natural product; contains herbs and essential oils.


- Put the Pro-Smoke pellet on a stone, tile or terra-cotta bowl before igniting, to avoid burning or scorch marks due to contact with combustible floor panels or wooden carrying materials

- Keep the igniting flame source as long in contact with the block until the burning is self continuing.

- Do not touch the remaining, after extinguishing , for al least 15 minutes to be sure of safe disposal.


Tub of 3 pieces