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Zoo Med Reptihabitat 40 Gallon Turtle Kit

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Large 40 gallon glass tank (36 x 18 x 18") with sliding screen top containing all the essentials for keeping a variety of aquatic turtle species.

The new ReptiHabitat Amphibian Kit is filled with everything you need to get started with your new pet amphibian. This kit can be used for many different frogs and salamanders. 
Contents Includes: 

- Care Book on Keeping Amphibians 
- 10 Gallon Glass Tank 
- WC-2 ReptiSafe Water Conditioner (2.25 oz) 
- EE-10 Eco Earth Substrate (compressed) 
- CF2-M Natural Terrarium Moss (10 gallon) 
- AH-M Log Hut (medium) 
- WFC-20 Combo Food and Water Dishes (small) 
- BU-11 Plastic Bush Plant (Amazonian Phyllo, small) 
- TH-27 Dual Analog Temperature and Humidity Gauge 
- ZB-11 Beginner's Guide to Amphibians Care Booklet 
- A36-S ReptiVite (sample) 
- WO-14 Wipe-Out 1 Terrarium Cleaner (4.25 oz)